Bramely apple and thyme crumble


Every year when it comes round to Bramley apple season I get excited.  I love the bulbous green, white fleshed fruit; too sour to eat fresh, but perfect for adding a properly tart note to a dish when cooked.  So here we are.  This year I bought six and didn’t know what to do with them, so went online to the ever reliable BBC food website.  And sure enough the marvellous James Martin had the following recipe.

Who would have thought that thyme and apple would work so well?  Well, the genuis that is James Martin, I guess.


50g butter, plus extra for greasing

1.5kg Bramley apples, peeled cored and cut into chunks (this is a LOT of apples)

4 tbsp caster sugar

6 sprigs of fresh thyme (leaves only, keep the stems in the freezer for adding to roasting vegetables)


For the crumble topping

150g butter

300g plain flour

100-150g caster sugar (depending how sweet you like it, I err on the tart side)





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