Spicy (almost) Christmas stars

These (rather less than perfect but still cute) stars were an experiment.  There was an intreiging recipe for a home made sweet spice mix I’d been reading in Honey & Co Food from the Middle East and wanted to try it out.  I’ve included the spice mixture in another post, however the biscuits themselves come from the inimitable BBC Food site.

The original recipe was for basic gingerbread men, so please feel free to go for the ginger and cinnamon mix suggested as an alternative if you don’t have time in your life to roast and grind spices.  That said, if you do find yourself with 15 minutes free and an idle looking spice rack in front of you, I’d highly recommend giving it a go.


Spicy Christmas Stars


350g plain flour, plus extra for rolling

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 1/2 teaspoons of sweet spice mix OR 1tsp of ground cinnamon & 2 tsp of ground ginger

125g butter

175g soft brown sugar

1 free-range egg

4 tbsps golden syrup

icing sugar to decorate



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